Direct Deposit

Did you know the cost to produce a physical cheque and accompanying Explanation of Benefits can be as much as $7.00! When the cost of production, mailing, bank reconciliation, re-issues, stop-payments and time required to physically deposit the money in the bank is all factored in, the cost to produce and administer a physical cheque becomes a large expense for your health plan. This expense can be dramatically reduced through the use of a Direct Deposit (or Electronic Fund Transfer) into your bank account for any payments through your health plan being paid to you as a result of manually submitted claims or claims submitted by a practitioner on your behalf. These funds are deposited to your account on the specified date and are immediately available to you. In addition your bank reconciliation process is greatly simplified.

Your Explanation of Benefits is stored on our secure website and available for review or to print at anytime. Your banking information is protected on our highly secure website, just like your claim information is. Data is encrypted during transfer and you are the only one with access to your personal banking details.

It’s easy to enroll for Direct Deposit. Just visit our website and login with your user-id and password. Follow the steps to immediately start saving yourself time and using your plan administrative costs to enhance your Health Plan.