NexAdmin®  Services provide complete administrative services for all employee benefits. This includes collection and payment of premiums for Life and LTD coverage - even if provided by different carriers. NexAdmin®  also provides total management of all employee data including add/deletes on a monthly basis. This is all in addition to NexgenRx  's outstanding claims adjudication and payment services.

Our online administration system (NexAdmin®) is powered by Vital Objects (VO), the leading edge administration solution for major insurance companies, brokers, third party administrators, union and association groups as well as major corporate employers. 

By combining NexAdmin® with NexSys® it gives NexgenRx clients the best of both worlds: an easy to use web based administration tool along with a state of the art “rules” based claims adjudication system for all health and dental benefits.

Secure web-based administration

As part of our infrastructure security, member information is stored in a database that has enhanced security.  It does not store passwords in the database and it hashes all operator passwords.

The web-enabled benefit administration software provides flexibility and choice for plan sponsors interested in managing their own benefits administration.  NexAdmin®, of course, offers the added advantage of you controlling your own eligibility data, thus giving you the flexibility of utilizing multiple carriers for any and all benefit needs. 

There are real-time eligibility changes such as…

  • Enrolment, re-enrolment, member and dependent data maintenance and administration
  • Benefit selection, calculation and modeling
  • Data Import and export capabilities
  • Billing production and premium reports

Consolidated Billing

All employee group and health benefit information is easily consolidated in one platform, regardless of the number of insurance carriers and it can be accessed through the web tailored to your specific needs.

By using the NexAdmin® generic enrolment capabilities, plan sponsors remain totally independent of any one insurance or benefit carrier, giving them significant flexibility and the advantage to move specific benefits when necessary while making it seamless to plan members.

Reporting Tools

This tool allows you as the administrator to create on-line adhoc reports to suit your needs or pick from one of the standard reports.

Some of our standard reports include a member benefit statement, overage dependent letter or report, Non-Evidence Maximum (NEM) letter or report, member listing report, benefit termination report or payroll / accounting reports.

Payroll reports enable administrators to handle complex employer/employee contribution calculations while optimizing taxation rules and much, much more.