Web Services

A host of web services is available to our clients, members and providers in a secure environment.  Just see what’s in it for you…


We have various venues for our clients to gain access to our tools.  Here are some features that can help you…

NexAdmin® - offers the added advantage of you controlling your own eligibility data, thus giving you the flexibility of utilizing multiple carriers for any and all benefit needs.  See our On-line Administration section for more details.

NexInfo® Our FTP site is available to all our clients to send and receive information in a protected environment – it’s a means of "downloading" data directly to your system and helping you manage your plan with all the tools at your disposal.  See our NexInfo® web page for more details.



We try hard to please our members and listen to their concerns.  Our technology department continues to work on making improvements to our member web tools.  Below are some of the features that we have to help you…

Direct Deposit

No more line-ups at the bank… This protected payment method provides quicker, stress-free payments deposited into your bank account.  No more mail to sort through… receiving electronic funds to your account also means you can retrieve electronic statements through the Member Login portal.  If your plan supports Direct Deposit – sign up today.


Explanation of Benefits

Every time a claim is reviewed and adjudicated by NexSys® an explanation of benefits is generated and sent to the member.  Members will receive a cheque and/or statement by mail OR if you’re plan provides web access, you can access this information and much more through the Member Login section of the NexgenRx website.

Claims Submission with real time adjudication

NexgenRx significantly increased the Web services to members.  The Member Online Claims Submission offers a way for members to submit their claims more quickly and easily using a secure online service through the Member Login section of the NexgenRx website.  Members can submit claims on their own time at their convenience.

As a Member you will find the Member Online Claims submission tool simple and easy to use.  You submit your information and the data runs through our adjudication engine and results are processed, sent to your bank account electronically and your explanation statement is posted to the web for easy access by you.  Speak to your employer or administrator to get more details, this may be what you’ve been waiting for.



Pharmacy and Dental offices can review information quickly though our on-line portal and sign-up is easy.  Electronic Deposit for your office means better service for both our clients.   

Pharmacy Support

Pharmacy registration is easy and can even be processed immediately during office hours when a client is waiting.

Visit the Pharmacy Login section of our website or contact our Provider Support line at 866-394-3648.

Dental Office Support

Dental offices can enroll for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) with NexgenRx and here are some of the benefits that are available to support your office…

  • Access your EOP’s (Explanation of Payments)
  • View Member Predeterminations
  • View (and Print) Individual member EOB’s (Explanation of Benefits)
  • Receive an office e-mail notification each day a report is available
  • Money in your account faster – no more paper cheques coming in the mail

Visit the Dental Login section of our website or contact our Provider Support line at 866-394-3648.