Travel Benefits

Out-of-Province / Country Medical Emergency and Travel Assistance Insurance

NexgenRx™  , in conjunction with ETFS , is pleased to offer Canada’s leading travel assistance products. Viator Plus and Viator Advantage are insured by Royal & SunAlliance Insurance Company of Canada with assistance provided by Global Excel.

Global Excel will initiate prompt attention to and treatment of travel and medical emergencies anywhere in the world with a single phone call.

Plans are available, to cover trip durations ranging from 30 to 180 days in 30 day increments. Retirees are limited to trip durations of 60 days or less. Pre-existing conditions for members over age 70 must have stabilized for a substantial period before covered travel can be undertaken. Required stabilization periods vary depending on the age of the member. Plan members can check with NexgenRx prior to planning their trip for more information.

Viator Plus 
The Viator Plus product encompasses a comprehensive range of emergency health services including Semi-Private Hospital Room, Physicians Charges, Diagnostic Services, Paramedical Services, Ambulance Services, Medical Appliances and Private Duty Nursing required to treat the medical emergency and return the patient safely home at the earliest opportunity.

The coordination of many aspects of travel for the patient’s return home, arrangements to bring a loved one to bedside, meals and accommodation, the traveling companion’s return home and the return of a vehicle are all added worries during an emergency. All are handled efficiently by Global Excel. Family members are also assisted in a deceased traveler’s return home in the most extreme cases.

The plan also covers dental treatment required as a result of an accident and various incidental expenses.

Viator Plus pays up to $5,000,000 per trip for this broad variety of travel emergency services.

Viator Advantage 
The Viator Advantage product expands upon Viator Plus services by upgrading basic emergency health services to include Private Hospital Room, replacement of lost prescriptions, treatment of dental pain and child care.

Major enhancements in the Viator Advantage product include such travel assistance features as Trip Cancellation Insurance, Baggage Insurance, help with alternate transportation arrangements and coverage of unforeseen business expenses.

In addition, an out-of-province / country Medical Referral Benefit helps arrange for medical services not readily available in a person’s home province to be performed in another province or out of the country with the approval of provincial Medicare authorities. The maximum referral benefit is $75,000 per lifetime in addition to the Medicare allowance.

Viator Advantage pays up to $5,000,000 per trip for this exceptionally comprehensive package of travel emergency services.

Note: Rates are quoted as monthly premiums per insured member or on a single / family basis. All groups except teachers and truckers can be underwritten at standard rates. Rates for truckers must be quoted by ETFS head office.