NexgenRx has developed a suite of reporting tools that are available to all our clients.  Below are some of the services we can help you with. 

Secure FTP site

Our FTP site is available to all our clients to send and receive information in a protected environment.  Clients can upload information to NexgenRx with assurance that their data is safe and sound.  This location is equipped with available reports to help handle everyday business.   Claims experience data can be provided on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, which helps our clients in making informed decisions about changes to plan design.

Some of the advantages of a secure FTP site are to make it…

•     Possible for our clients to automate and schedule files for download, and

•     make it easier to move and access files


Standard Suite of Reports

Requesting a report is easy.  Our list of standard reports is available to all clients on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.  Here is some of the standard information.…

  • Claims Extract
  • Claiming Frequency
  • Ranking of usage – for TPAs/Brokers or Clients
  • Detailed Provider Summary
  • Dental – Claims by Category
  • Drug – Type detail (Brand/Generic/Source)
  • Drug – Usage review of the 50 most common drugs
  • Drug – Usage review of the 50 most expensive drugs
  • Summary of rejected drug claims (including DINs not covered)
  • EHC – Claims by category

Data Exports

Data is not only available in hardcopy format, we can accommodate your request for a data dump of information so you can analyze the information to best suit your needs.  The data is extracted to our secure FTP site – ready for pickup!