Extended Health Care (EHC)

Extended Health Care services offer members with extra health benefits.  If your plan allows for Member Web Submission Services, most of these services can now be processed in an accurate and efficient manner.

Note that it is always best to check the details outlined in your plan / benefit booklet to verify coverage, plan dollar or unit maximum, pre-approval requirements or any other limitations.  Some of the EHC items may be covered under your Provincial Plan or through an Assisted Provincial program and must be paid by that plan before the balance is paid through your NexgenRx coverage. 

Below are some of the services where the cost or excess cost may be covered by your plan…

  • Hospital Room costs (not necessarily covering convalescent or nursing homes),
  • Medical Equipment and supplies – some examples are,
    • Artificial limbs or other prosthetic appliances,
    • Blood glucose monitor,
    • Diagnostic laboratory and x-ray examinations,
    • Orthopaedic shoes and orthotics,
    • Oxygen and oxygen equipment,
    • Splints, Crutches, Casts or Braces,
    • Wheel chairs, walkers, hospital bed traction kits, etc…
  • Paramedical Services or alternative medical treatments – some examples of the registered practitioners are,
    • acupuncturists,
    • chiropractors,
    • naturopaths,
    • osteopaths,
    • physiotherapists,
    • podiatrists/chiropodists,
    • psychologists,
    • registered massage therapists,
    • speech therapists
  • Some in-home Nursing Services,
  • Vision care such as eye exams, prescription eye glasses or contact lenses, or laser surgery,
  • Accidental Dental Care

If you need more help understanding how this benefit will help your group or how to add this to your plan, please contact our sales team or your NexgenRx administrative support rep for more information.  We can definitely help you build a flexible product to meet your needs and within budget.