Concurrent Drug Utilization Review

Improve patient safety and compliance each and every time they fill a prescription!

The two most common problems with prescription drug usage are the potential for drug interactions and the lack of drug compliance. Both can lead to harmful results. Concurrent Drug Utilization Review (DUR) addresses these issues right at the dispensing counter.

Drug Interactions - Many patients see a variety of doctors for different reasons and don't always remember to tell their physicians about all the prescription medications they are taking or have taken in the past few months. As a result, physicians might prescribe a drug that reacts negatively with another drug being taken. Also, a pharmacist only knows what other drugs have been dispensed through their pharmacy.

Drug Compliance - Prescription medications are often not taken according to directions, resulting in a recurrence of the health condition or a longer treatment duration.

NexgenRx   protects against these potential problems with our drug card and Concurrent DUR service. When a client submits their prescription drug claim using their card, the system automatically compares the requested drug to all others dispensed in Canada over the past three months, and sends a warning to the pharmacist if a negative interaction is possible. The pharmacist can either substitute another type of drug allowed by the plan, or contact the physician about an alternative medication.

Concurrent DUR performs the following tests:

Drug to Drug Interaction - determines if a new drug will react negatively when combined with a current or recently taken drug.

Therapy Duration - warns if there is a discrepancy between the prescribed therapy duration and the drug's manufacturer guidelines.

Refill Time Period - warns if the current refill timing is not compliant with the last fill period.

Dosage Limits - alerts the pharmacist if the dosage and/or the patient's age do not comply with the manufacturer's guidelines.

Gender Restrictions - alerts the pharmacist if the drug is intended for the opposite gender.

Age Limits - warns if the drug is not compatible with the patient’s age.