Health Care Spending Account (HCSA)

A Health Care Spending Account provides an amount of money to an individual to pay for health or dental benefits for themselves or their dependents that were not previously paid from the main benefit plan. 

This is a great alternative to traditional benefit plans that benefits all parties. The Employer of the group knows the fixed cost being given to each employee annually making budgeting easier.  The Employee in the plan has the benefit of using these funds towards benefits that are most useful to the individual or any dependents.  Most medical costs are covered but this benefit focuses on any item that is eligible as a medical expense under the Income Tax Act.

If you need more help understanding how this benefit will help your group or how to add this to your plan, please contact our sales team or your NexgenRx administrative support rep for more information.  We can definitely help you build a flexible product to meet your needs and within budget.